Determining A Parenting Plan And Visitation Schedule

Healthy visitation time with parents is incredibly important to children. Studies indicate that the physical and emotional well-being of a child is positively impacted when there is regular interaction with both parents. If you do not have primary custody of your children, it is important to legally establish your parental rights for visitation.

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When determining custody and visitation schedules, the court will first consider the best interests of the child. With broad discretion in ordering visitation, the court will review multiple factors that may influence the child's interests.

In a divorce, the court will issue orders pertaining to child custody, visitation and support. As time passes, modifications to the original orders will often be necessary. In most cases, these modifications will be prompted by relocations, military service or even the child's wishes. However, in some cases, the modification request may be prompted by parental hostility, bullying, abuse or even drug use.

Children with unhealthy parental relationships often exhibit disabling problems such as:

  • Lower self-esteem

  • Trust issues

  • Depression

  • Drug abuse

To best protect the interests of your child and your parental rights, it is important to work with an experienced family law attorney such as Michael P. McDeavitt. As your attorney, he will assist you in developing the initial visitation and parenting plan agreement. Should modifications be required in the future, our office will be available to assist you in filing a petition and in presenting your case. Contact our firm to discuss your situation and legal options.