Modifying Divorce Decrees

Once a divorce order has been approved by the court, parties are expected to abide by the terms of the contract. However, as time goes by, lives and circumstances change. Children grow up. Ex-spouses remarry. Financial circumstances change. When parties experience a significant change in circumstances, it is often necessary to modify divorce decrees that no longer represent the lives of the parties involved.

The Law Office of Michael P. McDeavitt represents clients who are seeking post-divorce modifications of child custody, child support and spousal support orders.

To learn your options for seeking a modification of any of these orders, please contact a lawyer today. We represent clients in and around the communities of Pleasanton, San Jose and Livermore.

A Modification May Be Necessary After A Significant Change In Circumstances

Our firm can help you seek the following modifications:

  • Child custody modifications — Modifying child custody may be necessary or warranted if the current child custody/parenting plan arrangement becomes unworkable due to scheduling concerns, relocation, a change in the needs of the child or a change in a parent's ability to provide care for a child.
  • Child support modifications — If a parent has experienced a change in income that affects his or her ability to pay child support, or if the financial needs of the child have changed, a child support modification may be necessary.
  • Spousal support modifications — If the spouse receiving spousal support remarries or experiences a change in income, spousal support may be modified.

Modifying a court order is not a simple process. Individuals seeking a modification must demonstrate that a significant change in circumstances has occurred to warrant a modification. It is important to speak to an attorney initially to determine if a modification is likely to be approved by the court. If so, an attorney can help you through the process of seeking a modification, relaying the information necessary to demonstrate the need to modify the terms of the contract.

Modify Child Custody: Contact An Attorney Serving the Tri-Valley Area and the East Bay

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