Is Mediation Right For You?

Divorce can bring feelings to the surface that are hard to confront, and it is understandable to want to avoid these particularly sensitive or hurtful subjects when dealing with your spouse. It may be tempting to hire an attorney who will work against your spouse with the expectation that your partner will do the same, and hope that "fairness" results from this time-consuming and expensive tug-of-war. But by working together to find a middle ground, you can achieve the same outcome and spend less time, money and energy in the process.

At the Law Office of Michael P. McDeavitt, we encourage you to seriously consider divorce mediation before you contemplate litigation against your spouse. By going to trial, you not only lose time and money, but also give up control over the outcome of your case to a judge who may have a very different idea of justice. Attorney Michael P. McDeavitt is a Certified Family Law Specialist who provides a wide variety of divorce mediation services, from guiding couples through uncontested divorce to representing individuals in support cases. If you have questions about whether mediation is appropriate for you, contact our firm for a consultation about your case.

Mediation isn't just a more efficient use of time and money — it is also less stressful for both couples and their children. While both parents may have their child's best interests in mind, a custody battle that plays out in court can seriously affect the child's emotional well-being. By cooperating with your spouse when crafting a parenting plan, you can reach a similar result without creating an unnecessary emotional burden for your child.

Our firm offers the following divorce mediation services:

  • Support agreements
  • Property division
  • Negotiating child support
  • Uncontested divorce
  • And many more

Before you consider litigation, speak with a compassionate and experienced family law attorney about what mediation can offer you. Contact Michael P. McDeavitt, Certified Family Law Specialist, for a consultation about your divorce case.