Divorce Litigation

Consider litigation if:

  • Interactions between you and your spouse are uncivil or uncooperative
  • Your spouse has taken a position on an issue in defiance of the facts or the law
  • Your spouse is abusive or hostile to you or your children
  • Your spouse exceedingly delays correspondence or is not on speaking terms with you
  • Your spouse refuses to disclose information
  • You have reason to suspect your spouse is hiding assets or information

Our Approach

"Zeal and vigor in the representation of clients are commendable. So are civility, courtesy, and cooperation. They are not mutually exclusive." (In Re Marriage of Davenport, 2011)

Litigation attorneys often boast of being bulldogs in the courtroom; but the truth is, they're usually more bark than bite. Judges have seen their theatrics more times than they can count. It is as unconvincing as it is common, harming not only the attorney's credibility in the courtroom but also their client's chance at success.

At McDeavitt Law, we take a different approach. We understand that your case is strengthened by civility and professionalism . We combine fierce advocacy with credible, evidence-based arguments to support your case.

Our professionalism, experience, and knowledge of the law inspire respect in the courtroom. This is evidenced by the fact that judges and even opposing parties - whom we defeated - have referred clients to us. Civility is a mark of confidence when presenting a case; it is how we approach all our cases and is a key component of our success.

Attorney Michael P. McDeavitt is a Certified Family Law Specialist with over 20 years of legal experience. He provides a wide variety of divorce litigation services. If you are considering litigation, contact our firm for a free consultation about your divorce case. We represent clients in Pleasanton, Dublin, Livermore, San Ramon, the Tri-Valley and throughout East Bay.