Determining Child Support

Establishing what a parent should pay for child support is not as simple and straightforward as it may seem. The process involves more than simply plugging numbers into a computer program, since there are numerous variables that can impact the end result.

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California state laws are not very flexible when dealing with the financial implications of divorce. In most cases, child support payments are determined by a program called the DissoMaster. While the DissoMaster program is designed to be fair, it often isn't.

The DissoMaster program uses a complex formula to determine the payment amount based on both spouses' disposable income, time spent with the child, tax deductions, child care expenses and other factors. However, it is unable to take into consideration variables in bonuses and commissions and underreported income.

Thankfully, the amount you pay in child support is within your control as long as you and your spouse agree to it. By choosing to use mediation instead of letting the court decide, you can avoid the DissoMaster. Mediation allows you to reach a settlement with your spouse that takes into account the complexities in your case that a computer program couldn't such as health insurance coverage, activity fees and even college expenses.

As an experienced attorney for both mothers and fathers, Michael P. McDeavitt assists clients, through mediation or through traditional litigation, with the following child support issues:

  • Child support agreement
  • Child support modification
  • Child support enforcement

Whether you are creating a new child support plan and want to make sure that it is fair to both parties, or are modifying an existing plan to account for changing income or child care expenses, contact our firm for a consultation with a Certified Family Law Specialist.